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Wareerak Hot Spring Spa

Updated: Apr 24, 2018

Who doesn't already know about the notorious Thai Massage? When we booked this trip to Thailand, we knew that having a Thai massage was going to be high on the agenda. After a little research, I came across this luxury, idyllic spa day in the middle of the jungle. It was a little pricer than some of the other trips we had done but the itinerary was packed with lots of good stuff so we couldn't pass this up.

The day started with a 8.45am pick up from our hotel. We was greeted by a nice driver with an air conditioned mini van which had comfortable recliner seats (which was a luxury compared to some of our tuk tuk experiences). The drive took roughly 1 hour 15 minutes from Ao Nang but there was some traffic en route.

We arrived at a beautiful location which seemed to be in the middle of nowhere, very peaceful and perfect for a spa. They also offer spa retreats with overnight stay.

Beautiful Plantation

We were warmly welcomed by the staff and inducted onto the day ahead.

First on the Itinerary for the day was a Thai Massage, which was something I personally was really looking forward too. Each guest had an individual outdoor hut type area which was surrounded by the beautiful view of nature. Before the massage began we had to change into some light clothing which if you are from the UK kind of resembles doctor's scrubs. The massage itself was wonderful and for me one of the best parts of the day, relaxing but tough enough to know it is doing some good to my stiff muscles.

Thai Massage

The next part of the day was one of the most important parts - lunch time!! Ok so I wasn't expecting much for lunch as to be quite honest we have been skipping lunch most days so far. I was pleasantly surprised at the delicious, vibrant and well balanced meal that was served to us, it really was yummy.

Healthy Lunch
Beautiful Lunch Hut

The day was going really well and I was very happy with this booking, so relaxing. Our third activity for the day and one I forgot about was 'Thai Craft Making'. I was pretty bad at this I am not going to lie, I tried my best but I pretty much failed. The images below are pretty much all the creation from the lovely teacher (who didn't speak much English at all - which is why I struggled). It was pretty impressive to watch her.

Thai Craft Making

The next half of the day I wasn't able to document it all as we spent time in hot springs and in and out of the showers. We first did a little warm up for our Thai Yoga session - the actual Thai Yoga session lasted roughly 5 minutes and wasn't strenuous (more of a taster session). We then had a lovely full body scrub which was an all natural mix of coconut oil and tamarind - it smelt divine. This was done outside by the lovely hot springs which are pictured below...... so beautiful.

Hot Springs

The hot springs.... a really beautiful feature of the spa. The water is clear and odourless; the pH value is 6.9 and is rich in beneficial minerals. The hot pools range from 38 - 45 degrees and there is also a chilled pool which is designed for you to move between for a perfect hydrotherapeutic session. I personally found the hot pool a little too hot for me. We were told to do - 2 minutes, warm pool, 1 minute hot pool and 3 minutes cool pool for the best experience. It was very relaxing and I love the methodology behind this.

This led us onto our final treatment of the day which was a Neck and shoulder massage with herbal ball. It was a nice end to the day and I enjoyed the massage (not as much as the Thai massage but it was still great).

We were told to go chill in the cool pool (its not cold but just right) for a little bit whilst they went to get us a delicious young coconut (my favourite). A perfect end to the day!

My overview of Wareerak Hot Spring Spa - it was really nice.

So just a couple of things to mention. The changing area isn't brilliant, lots of insects and even two big lizards (I was ok with this - another girl wasn't). We were also rushed at the end of the trip as another booking was due in, the day finished at 2.30pm which I thought was early given it was full day. We didn't have time to shower afterwards.

If you want to book - I would highly recommend. It is very beautiful and the scenery makes it all worthwhile. The treatments were amazing and the food was very good.

Wareerak Spa


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