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THIQUE Hair Care... Fine, Thin or Thinning Hair?

Created by a team of salon industry professionals to offer women high-quality products and solutions for fine, thin or thinning hair that were reviewed and recommended by leading Dermatologists. Sounds awesome right? I decided to put it to the test. I struggle with my hair thinning around my hairline specifically. This could be more breakage due to using heat on my hair or tying it up pretty tight in a ponytail. All I know is, I want to do everything I can to prevent any further damage.

THIQUE features an exclusive, anti-aging Amazonian Copaiba Oil Complex that soothes the scalp and builds hair proteins to resist breakage and further hair loss. Alpha Hydroxy Acids promote scalp cell renewal, helping to clear the follicles of excessive dead cell build up that allows more room for thicker hair growth. Hair looks thicker, healthier and fuller - naturally.  Sulfate Free   ●  Paraben Free   ●  Gluten Free   ●  Hypoallergenic   ●  Vegan   ●  Safe For Color-Treated Hair   ●  Not Tested On Animals

I have been testing 2 different products for the last two weeks. The first is the gentle volumizing shampoo, which I have to say is my hero product from the two. They are both great but I really did notice a drastic difference from the first wash from using the gentle volumizing shampoo. This shampoo promises to help remove buildup whilst also helping recover strands and help them recover whilst nourishing. I really love this shampoo, it is light and natural and I felt it also helped my my dry and irritated scalp.

The second product was the volumizing mist which was also amazing for my hair. It helped lift and give my hair more volume as the name would suggest. The product itself is full of natural antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties nourish the scalp. It was easy to use and now a staple in my everyday hair care routine.

I just want to mention that no shampoo is a miracle cure for hair growth or hair loss. The difference will really be in the types of products you and using and taking the time to really care for your hair. THIQUE uses the best and most natural products on the market and the natural plant based ingredients are the real saviour for my hair. I have added the website link below where you can read some of the fantastic blog posts that THIQUE have written. I personally found them super informative and it really made me revisit what products I use on my hair.

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