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Thai Charm Cooking School

I love Thai food, it is fragrant, fresh and always delicious. I couldn't travel all the way to Thailand and not learn more about the ingredients used to create these simple yet flavoursome dishes. Cooking Thai food in the UK isn't the same, we lack the fresh ingredients needed to take the dishes to that next level.

We found Thai Charm Cooking School on TripAdvisor - the reviews were brilliant and the fact you cooked multiple dishes was a key selling point. After an easy online booking, we were picked up directly from our hotel in Ao Nang and driven 15 minutes into more central Krabi. The cooking school is family owned and it showed with the great customer service and friendly welcome. We decided to take an evening course so we could enjoy a nice big dinner after the class.

Thai Charm Cooking School

Luckily it was a small class, which I personally really liked as it was more intimate and I found it very easy to learn. We were given a menu (pictured below) and told to pick 5 dishes out of the 15. I decided to go with Tom Zaab, Pad Thai, Green Long Bean Salad, Panang Curry Paste and the correlating Panang Curry. My choices proved great.

Menu Choices

We started with the curry paste as this took the longest to make as we had to smash the ingredients together in a big pestle and mortar. It was tougher than I imagined. Small little tricks I learnt which made a big different to the taste - bash the garlic and keep the skin on, add the whole chilli with seeds, lemongrass is to be bashed first before cut and always use the freshest ingredients possible. Following the curry paste we then started to prep the veg for all the other dishes. Something key to note is that in Thai cooking they tend to use the same base ingredients and then add the different key ingredients.

Spices - Panang Curry
Panang Curry Paste

The best thing about the course was the fact we got to sit down and eat it all after!! We prepared and cooked all 4 dishes (5 including the paste) and then sat down and ate it all as one big meal. What a delight, the food tasted absolutely incredible. I don't want to talk through the course too much as I don't want to spoil it just incase you decide you want to go and visit yourself. I will say, it is 100% worth it. After the meal, we also learnt to make 2 different traditional desserts - bananas in coconut milk and sticky coconut cream rice with mango. Guess what, we ate them too!! Ahhhh heaven.

Tom Zaab
Pad Thai
Panang Curry

If you are looking for a really good, authentic and well priced cooking class in Krabi, Thailand - I highly recommend Thai Charm Cooking School. The instructions were clear, ingredients fresh, good fun and more importantly the food was amazing.

This was one of the highlights of my trip so far. It is a must if visiting Thailand.

Coconut Sticky Rice Mango & Banana Coconut Milk


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