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Sharps Dressing Room Review

I didn't really need a dressing room but needed an office space. I didn't really want to use a full room for an office space but I wanted a dressing room. The solution - combine them both and create a multi-use room that combines my wants and needs.

We had large fitted wardrobes in the master bedroom, however they were very poorly done and didn't fit our needs. We both get up at very different times in the morning and were continually waking each other up, it started to get a little frustrating. We decided it would be best to utilise one of the spare rooms adjacent to the master bedroom and turn this into a dressing room / office space.

Where to start though? The room was an awkward layout, with two of the walls having windows which made these walls unusuable for wardrobe space. We knew that we would fill one of the walls with a row of wardrobes but wasn't sure if this would be enough space to really cater for our needs. This is where we needed help...can we do something a little different, do we need drawers too? This when we decided to look at professional companies which specialised in fitted wardrobes.

To be quite honest, we didn't look very far. I already knew about Sharps, I had seen TV advertisements and I knew someone who had used them. James visited the Sharps website and saw that we could get a free consultation at the house so booked in straight away (he also found a £150 off voucher). One week passed and it was finally consultation time, the exciting bit to be honest. Going in with an empty vision and no intention of committing straightaway, we were so quickly sold on the idea, design and layout that we committed and put down a deposit on the day. Luckily we received a discount due to a spring sale they had on at the time.

Mock up designs from consultation.

We decided on the 'shaker' style which is clean, sharp and timeless but we added a little edge by choosing the new colour dove grey and adding copper handles. It was amazing to also design the inside of the wardrobe space, with a mixture of long hanging, double hanging, cross hanging and drawer/shelf space to choose from. We really did mix it up with different styles of hanging space but also different styles of folded storage space. One of my favourite parts of the design we picked was the addition of down lights above each wardrobe door, they really do add that wow factor but also provide a practical solution. A key part of the design process was understanding how we utilised the corner space. We were advised to create a corner wardrobe which wouldn't waste the space. I wasn't sure how this would look visually but it all came together so nicely.

Utilising the corner space.

A key feature that I want to point out is the design process from the Sharps team. Our consultant did a fantastic job of drawing up a professional to-scale layout which gave us a real idea of how the room would look with everything installed. The next phase included a 3D render of the room which gave us an even better view of what to expect. It really helps you visualise the room and prepare for any decorating that you may need to do or furniture you may want to purchase.

The installation was roughly 3 weeks later and it took our fantastic installer only 2 1/2 days to complete fully. We really were and still are over the moon with the final result, the craftsmanship and quality of the fitted wardrobes are extraordinary. Every little detail was done to perfection and I can't fault any part of the process or design. We are more than happy with the final result and we are so glad we entrusted Sharps.

Multi purpose space inside.

Built-in down lights.

Copper handles.

Inside details.

I will be doing another post which will go into more detail regarding the styling, decoration and furniture for the room. So keep your eyes pealed for part two.

I have added the link for the Sharps website below. If you are thinking about built-in wardrobe space - I would recommend booking a free home visit with them.

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