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Phi Phi Island Tour

Updated: Apr 21, 2018

Some of the world's most beautiful islands.

I knew I wanted to do the Phi Phi Island tour, after seeing so many beautiful images from the island (turns out to be more than one island) I had to see this for myself. It is an iconic location which always looked too good to be true in the countless amount of social media images sprawled across the web. The trip we decided to book picked us up directly from our hotel (The Nine Tripthera) and transferred us to the Nopparat Thara Pier which is where we departed at roughly 9.30am. We left via speedboat with 33 other travellers, the boat was nice and big which was great as the first leg of the trip was 45 minutes.

The first stop of the trip which was a very quick pass by was the Viking Cave, it was very pretty but not somewhere you need to stop off too long.

Viking Cave

The second stop of the trip was Pileh Lagoon. A crystal clear lagoon which without doubt was absolutely breathtaking. We didn't stop there long as we had so much to see but wow I was already impressed, I have never personally seen such clear turquoise sea.

Pileh Lagoon

Followed by our third stop which was the iconic Maya Bay which was the location for the film 'The Beach'. My first impression was - 'wow this beach is extremely busy' which actually kind of made me sad as the bay was overrun with tourists and boats. There is no denying the beach was picturesque and the sea was crystal clear but it was difficult to see the full beauty with all the hustle and bustle... Oh and not to mention the litter.

Maya Bay 'The Beach'

This then led us onto another location which was a short 10 minute walk to the opposite side of the island - Loh Samah Bay. There wasn't much to be seen here as it was again overrun with tourists which meant we couldn't look around properly. I was told it was great for rock climbing - however I didn't see this part. I have attached an image of one of the man made hot springs which was before the ladder tourists use to get a view of Loh Samah Bay.

Loh Samah Bay

Followed by our fifth location which I am unsure of the name. It was on Phi Phi Leh Island on the opposite side from the Viking Cave. We was provided with snorkels and lifejackets and told to explore the crystal ocean. I only snorkelled for around 5 minutes as I am quite fearful of swimming as I am not a strong swimmer. However, I did see an array of beautiful, colourful and vibrant fish; it was quite spectacular.

The sixth location was Phi Phi Don - which is a popular place to stay for tourists. This is where we were taken for our buffet lunch, which given the circumstances was quite nice. The location for lunch wasn't the cleanest and the toilets were quite frankly awful but we were fed and then off to explore Phi Phi Don some more. Again, this location has potential to be very pretty but overrun with boats (as per the image below) and also tourists. There was also litter everywhere which makes me very angry; people trashing such a beautiful island with no respect. I wouldn't choose to visit here again.

Phi Phi Don

We then passed by our seventh location which was Monkey Island. I was a little upset as we were originally told we would stop at the island and get off the boat. However, we did stop by for around 5 minutes on the boat and I got to see some monkeys. The water was also very crystal clear and lots of fish to see too. The image isn't super clear as I took this on my iPhone - I must have been too excited to get my camera out.

Monkey Island

The last location and in my opinion the best location was Bamboo Island. We were lucky to get 45 minutes on the Island to explore. It wasn't as busy as the other locations and there was more to explore. If you like snorkelling, apparently this is a great spot for that also. We decided to walk the length and we ended up in a beautiful rocky area which was full of sea life and beautiful sea shells. The ocean was beautiful pale blue and the beach was a mixture of sand and coral. I didn't get any images of the main sandy beach but I have attached the rocky side, which is in my opinion - my favourite place.

Bamboo Island

Overall such a fantastic experience and I would 100% recommend this trip if you are visiting Thailand. It was truly breathtaking and I am very grateful I could visit these special locations and witness true beauty the world has to offer.

Please be very thoughtful if visiting the Islands and take any litter with you, the beaches are now overrun and being ruined. Maya Bay is actually closing for 4 months... Please read below.

The Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation has ordered the closure of the world-class tourist site Maya Bay of Hat Noppharat Thara-Mu Koh Phi Phi National Park in Krabi province. The department said the four-month closure was necessary after it became apparent the bay's fragile marine ecological system had been severely damaged by huge numbers of tourists. If you want to read more please visit the below link.


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