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Josh Wood 'KING OF COLOUR' Home Hair Dye Kit Review

OK, so if you are like me and you're totally lazy with your hair colour... I might have found the best DIY hair dye kit in the drugstore.

Unfortunately, I am already starting to go grey and although I have no hate towards grey hair - I am 28 and I want to keep my brunette locks a little longer.

I popped into my local Boots to grab a DIY hair dye kit, looking for a colour similar to my natural roots. I stumbled across a new hair dye range, it instantly intrigued me. Anyone who knows me will tell you I am a complete sucker for packaging and I tend to beeline for anything that looks pretty. So when I spotted the new Josh Wood Colour range in boots, I had to check it out. The packaging looks sleek, classy and professional.

The Packaging

I picked up shade 4.0 mid brown as this looked closest to my natural root colour. How nice is this packaging.... I am personally living for this. The next step was to read all of the instructions and see what was inside the box . I was pleasantly surprised with the contents.... (picture inserted below). You get a protective barrier cream to prevent any stains around the hairline and ears but you also get stain remover just incase.

So I only wanted to do my roots but the issue is I do have balayage so I needed to be careful with the blending. I first applied the dye directly to my roots all blended all over, I then brushed it halfway down my hair to give a natural blended effect. I wasn't sure how this would come out but surprisingly, it actually looked very good.

Before... (poor before image, sorry!)
After.... (super happy!)

This product was really, really good for a home colour kit. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a natural, good quality at-home DIY hair dye. There are also more products in the range which I am yet to play around with but after this good experience I will most definitely try more. I will link the product below so you can check it out.

Full price I believe this retails for £9.99 however I got mine on offer for £6. Bargain.


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